Episode #087-Setting goals & expectations as a salon owner


Who knew being a salon owner was going to be so hard?

Trying to keep a staff motivated, performing and achieving is such a challenge.  This week let’s explore what stylists today need to stay motivated, performing and achieving.  

Hi-lights you won’t want to miss:

 >>> (5:20)-Stylists have goals, but they just might not match yours as the salon owner

 >>> (7:35)-What it took me years to realize about other people’s potential

 >>>(13:25)-Why you’re really feeling fear about “poaching” as a salon owner

 >>>(14:35)-A story that taught me that you really can’t control your clients, or human behavior

 >>>(17:28)-6 critical questions to ask yourself as a salon owner and my 3-part guidance for creating expectations for your team

 >>>And more!