Episode #081-Productivity, Organization, And Releasing The Guilt with Rachel Perry


If you ever feel overwhelmed trying to get it all done, this one is so for you.

Trying to do all the things while continuing to achieve new, big goals is hard.  Like REALLY hard. This week on the podcast Britt and Rachel share an open conversation about all things productivity, organization, home-life balance, communication and so much more.

Hi-lights you won’t want to miss:

>>>(3:02) -The very different approaches to productivity that both Rachel and I take

>>>(7:22) -”Mom guilt” and our tips for staying present when we’re with our families  

>>>(12:12)-Who our “inner mean girl” is, what she looks like and how to disarm her

>>>(21:57) -How we both approach goal setting in our businesses

>>>(29:30) -The ways that overwhelm can affect our personal and professional lives

>>>(36:58) -What Rachel likes to focus on instead of money, and how this impacts her productivity

>>>(39:27) -How to stay accountable and whether or not Rachel feels that multi-tasking is possible

>>>(45:57) -What each of us prefer to use for our planners and the reasons why

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